Ironman Canada

A Huge Congratulations to Eileen Harper, Victoria Read, Monique Moore, Tammy Dalrymple, Dahpne Dobko-Walsh and Greg Mckay who all took on and finished the NEW Ironman Canada this past weekend in Whistler, B.C.

For Eileen Harper this was her first attempt at the distance and although she knew she would have to walk the marathon, she prepared in earnest and finished with time to spare (despite a faulty break which made for a very tough bike). Eileen, you showed everyone what is possible and you WALKED a very quick marathon. BRAVO!


This was the second Ironman of the summer for Greg Mckay  (Ironman Couer D’alene) who battled through injuries and “an empty tank” to finish another Ironman in style. A couple months ago this race was in jeopardy. You showed once again that you are one tough Aussie/Canadian!  Greg, YOU are an IRONMAN!


Tammy Dalrymple had sworn off Ironman racing a couple of years ago. That was until they announced the NEW Ironman Canada venue. Tammy battled her own adversity out there on race day, but overcame a pulled calf to get to the line and a well deserved finish. You showed what the spirit of Ironman is all about Tammy!


Daphne Dobko-Walsh dedicated her year to this event. She trained extremely hard, had proper preparation throughout and looked lean and mean on race day. Many race days don’t always go as planned and on this day it appears that drinking a little of Alta Lake on the swim caused some digestive problems throughout the day. Not to be stopped, Daphne persevered and finished with a wink and a smile on her face. You are AWESOME Daphne!


Monique Moore was out there once again gunning for Kona! She had a fantastic race and it showed just how competitive the women’s age group field has gotten as she raced to an 11:32 to finish 19th in her age group.  A fantastic race Mo!


Victoria Read entered this race mid way through the season. She committed and had great preparation. This commitment payed off with an Ironman PB of 14:32. We are all super proud of you Victoria and can’t wait to see how fast you can go on the next one! Well Done!


Once again Human Powered Racing was out there supporting in full force. We have found a new spot to set up for years to come out on HWY 99 near Mons Road. Look for a big contingent of Human Powered Racers out there both on the course and at the tent in 2014!


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