Adrian holding up his finishing medal from the 70.3 World Championship in Las Vegas

Vegas Baby

It was a good day! Starting an a hour after the pros, I never even saw them. I went hard and put in a good effort but I didn’t dig real deep given that it wasn’t a qualifier for anything and Leadman, which is my “A” race this year, is in two weeks.

As for the course, the swim is disgusting -like really gross and smelly; the bike is amazing; and the run is a challenging three loop course, which is essentially three times up and down a 2-mile hill.

We were lucky to have solid rain for the swim and bike, which kept the temperatures low. By the time the run started the rain stopped and the sun came full-on. The run was hot but thankfully it was relatively short and was well supported by aid stations. It was great to see Heather an Brian both before the race and during the run -it was a nice reminder of the HPR support! Jodi was out there cheering me on with two friends of ours who used to live in Victoria. So with a cheering squad of 5, I felt like a pro

If you haven’t seen Jodi’s photo on Facebook yet, the medal is huge! Which, I guess, is fitting for Vegas. Once nice surprise was that the post-race athlete food was really good -done by a local mexican restaurant.

Now a little recovery and support for Jodi while she gets in her Leadman training.


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