Ultraman Canada – Reflections

Human Powered Racing Athletes Adrian Walton and Jodi Mucha not only took on Ultraman Canada, they excelled in this 3 day race encompassing more than double the standard Ironman distance. Adrian Walton finished 4th overall (3rd male) and Jodi Mucha finished 14th overall (5th female). For those of you that may not have seen their updates on FaceBook, here are there daily recaps.

Adrian’s Updates

A quick update on Ultraman Canada Day 1 before I hit the bed: happy with my swim in perfect conditions. Was a little too excited on the bike to Osoyoos and up Richters. Dialled it back when I remembered that I shouldn’t be riding like this is a one day event…still another two long hot days ahead…save the suffering for the end of the run. Thanks to my awesome crew for getting through a great day and to my HPR teammates for being out there cheering. Jodi had a great day as well and finished strong and happy!

A quick update on Ultraman Day 2. It was a good but long day. I kept the effort low with thoughts of the long run the next day. Still, my back and butt were glad to be off the bike. Again my crew kept me cool, hydrated fed and happy all through the day all with a smile on their faces. Now on to the last challenge!

Ultraman Day 3 (and 4) snapshot – The run for me was tough because I knew that I had no reason to save anything for another day. The morning conditions were stunning and I kept my pace somewhat conservative for the first marathon. As the day heated up (waaaay up) and the route became more undulating and turned into a dirt road I expected some fall off in pace but not quite as much as I actually experienced. Crystal and Dom did an exceptional job at keeping me cool and hydrated, and Dom became my pacer/domestique for the final 25k, which was a lifesaver! Thanks also to Heather and Brian for appearing out of the mist to cheer me on part way through. The finishline was a blessing to see but also sad to know that this yearlong journey was over. Now healing the feet and the body with chips and beer. As for day four, everything is ultra in Ultrama -even he awards dinner which was close to 7 hours long.

Jodi’s Updates

Day 1 in the books at Ultraman Canada!! I completed the 10km swim and 144.8 km bike in 9:39 (16th overall and 6th woman). Epic day out there from crazy wind to thunder and lightening! It was an awesome overall day. The BEST part was being surprised by Victoria Read and Marty Shatzko, Heather Whittall and Brian Strilesky . They were cheering us along from the swim start line to the headwinds in Keremeos!! Time for BED Thanks everyone for the great energy you’ve been sending!!

Day 2 Ultraman Canada — 275.4 km bike DONE! another awesome day – so much fun. my time was 10:27 and i moved up in placings: today was 5 th female on the bike, 15th overall and for day 1 and 2 combined I’m 12th overall. woot woot. thanks for all your messages- we had no time online last night and got to bed late- will respond soon. looking forward to today- the final leg: 84.3 km run:). iloveyouall;) MY CREW ROCKS

Day 3- DONE!!
Did the 84.3 km run in 11:14.
Total placing for the overall race : 5th woman and 14th overall.
What an incredible 3 days!! Thanks to everyone for sending such amazing energy to us both over these past days, we FELT it!! Here we are with our crews, the one person missing from the photo (she took the photo) is Lannea MacDonald who was my pacer for the last 24 km. I’ll add a longer post later with proper acknowledgements of everyone (there’s MANY). Now we’re off to go tubing down the river!! woot woot

Ultraman Canada Crews



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