human powered racing athletes pose in front of ice while on their saturday ride at the observatory

Pioneer 8k 2017

Human Powered Racing is back at it after a great holiday break. A number of team members are fighting flus and colds with the cold wintry weather we have been experiencing on the west coast, but that is not dampening spirits or keeping us from getting out on the road for our Saturday Ride. This past weekend we took to the shelter of the tree lined climb at The Observatory. Needless to say, this will be one to remember when the going gets tough at the summer races.

This weekend was also the first race of the Vancouver Island Race Series. The Pioneer 8k is always the first race of the series and is a good chance for us Triathletes to see how far out of racing shape we have gotten since the end of the summer. Human Powered Racing had a good turnout with 9 of our athletes testing their  “very early season” fitness.

Mike Neill – 30:13

Rob Dibden – 34:44

Richard Boxhall – 34:49

Barbara Rober – 35:13

Jay Watson – 37:55

Bob Janicki – 39:45

David Carleton – 42:43

April Vesey – 43:45

Mark Hopkins – 45:48