Human Powered Racers before 2017 World Champs Parade of Nations

ITU Multisports Festival 2017

Human Powered Racing was well represented throughout the week at the Penticton 2017 ITU Mulstisport World Championships Festival. With races taking place from August 18th – 27th, Penticton was definitely the hub of all things multisport.

Over the course of the 9 days we had 17 athletes taking part. There were many highs and lows, but everyone was very privileged to be racing alongside the world’s best. Also adding to the experience was the camaraderie between our team and many of the Bermudian athletes who were also staying at The Bowmont Motel and joined in on a couple of pre race day swims (not to mention the post race dinner and party at Poplar Grove).

Human Powered Racing Athletes and Bermudian Athletes day before ITU Long Distance World Championship 2017 in Penticton Post Race Dinner Photo at Poplar Grove Winery in Penticton

We will be posting race reports from Human Powered Racing athletes so check back to get the perspective from our racers.

Human Powered Racing Results (finish time/age group placing)

Cross Triathlon

Kelly Sharman – 5:03 – 27th


Kara Hobby – 44:43 – 15th

Aqua Bike

Shane Russell – 4:35 – 18th

Robin Dunkley – 4:40 – 10th

Heather Whittall – 5:49 – 16th

Long Distance Triathlon

Mike Neill – 6:19 – 4th

Chris Day – 6:43 – 17th

Jay Krieger – 7:00 – 29th

Rob Dibden – 7:32 – 20th

Fawn Whiting – 6:29 – 13th (ELITE) 

Sandy Wilson – 7:42 – 7th

Diana Thaxter – 8:05 – 7th

Debbie Jackson – 8:55 – 34th

Monique Moore – 9:00 – 40th

Barb Rober – 9:33 – 27th (crashed and was forced to walk entire run!)

Victoria Read – 11:00 – 44th