2018 Hawaii 70.3

A group of people smiling and standing on grass with a beach and palm trees in the background. It looks like a slightly cloudy day.


This is photo of six women standing on a beach with the ocean in the background on a sunny day. They are smiling at the camera.
Sometimes training days are really tough. Today was NOT one of those days!


This is a photo of people standing in a J shape standing in a receeding line on the left and then curving around with more people in the centre and on the right. They are all in triathlon body suits and smiling. It is a cloudy day and there are palm trees in the background.
Most of our teammates pre-race 20/20/20!


This is a photo of a woman running along a gravel road in a triathlon body suite on a grey day with low mountains in the background.
One of our teammates in the 2018 Hawaii 70.3 race!