Human Powered Racing Athletes and Bermudian Athletes day before ITU Long Distance World Championship 2017 in Penticton

Season Planning

For age group triathletes in northern latitudes it is the time of year when many of us are getting back to training after taking some much deserved time off following our summer race season.  It is the beginning of base training with the prospect of many hours of running and riding in damp, cold conditions or worse, indoors on treadmills and trainers. The enthusiasm that we have for getting back to training after some time off can soon be dashed by winter training conditions.

A great way to combat the winter blahs and add focus to training is to plan your race season now.  Pick your focus or “A” race.  This is the race next season that is most important to you and will be the focus of your training schedule.  Choose a race that will motivate you. Location, distance, and status are all good motivators to pick your focus race.  Many athletes choose a race that will challenge them with a new level of distance or competition.  Whether you goal is to complete your first sprint race or to podium at Ironman, choosing your focus race now will help you to focus your training and will help your coach develop your training plan.

Once you have selected your main race you can select other, less important races that will help you on your journey.  Often called prep races or tune up races, these races should be selected to compliment your preparation for your big race.  Your coach can help you to select races that are appropriate in scheduling and distance to fit into your training plan.

Once you have picked your races, REGISTER!  Registering for a race emotionally cements it into your future and increases your commitment to preparing for it.

If you are looking for a race on Vancouver Island to chose for next year, consider one of the Human Powered Racing events taking place in 2019.

Wooden medals given out at the 2017 Triathlon of Compassion