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Can you SwimRun?

SwimRun Victoria returns to Thetis Lake Park on August 11th. This is the second time SwimRun will be in Victoria after making it’s debut in 2018. The 2018 event was so much fun, including the pre-race and post race parties at the Six Mile Pub and the secret event involving the Thetis Lake Monster!

SwimRun is a multi stage race that, just as the name implies, involves running and swimming. The event is point to point with no transition zones so each competitor or team must carry all of the equipment needed for the race with them from start to finish. The Victoria event has two distances so that both newcomers and experienced racers will be challenged. SwimRun Victoria takes place at Thetis Lake in August so wetsuits are not necessary, making it a great race for first timers. The looping course, with multiple check-ins, is safe to allow solo competitors but also fun to do as a team!

Registration is open for the 2019 SwimRun Victoria. Visit the SwimRun Victoria website to learn more and to register for this awesome event.

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