The Tri of Compassion – An Inclusive Event

We are taking action to ensure that the Triathlon of Compassion is an inclusive event for all members of our community.

June 23, 2019 is the 26th running the Triathlon of Compassion. The Triathlon of Compassion is a fundraising event for the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre proudly hosted by Human Powered Racing. The Tri of Compassion is open to everyone who wishes to participate.

Triathlon is traditionally divided into categories based on age and gender. We recognized that these divisions are problematic in making the event accessible to members of our community who do not identify as male or female. To address this issue we have included a registration category for participants who do not wish to identify within the gender binary. This category is available to participants of all ages.

In the Tri of Compassion adult heats are based on estimated swim times and all ages and genders compete together. Youth participants compete by age group since the distances for each age group are different. Youth participants are also not separated by gender.

The Tri of Compassion is a great community event for everyone who wishes to challenge themselves to complete a triathlon. It is also a great tune up event for experienced triathletes who are racing in longer events later in the season. Funds raised through the efforts of our participants go to supporting the programs and services provided by the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre.

We would like to thank staff at the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre for their assistance through this process.

Visit the registration page if you would like to participate in the Triathlon of Compassion. To make a donation or to raise funds for the event visit our fundraising page.