Mike Neill riding past HPR cheer station at Jay Kriegers house on bike at Victoria 70.3

Victoria 70.3

A week has passed and the team has had their rest week, but the memories of Victoria 70.3 have not faded.

A group of Human Powered Racing athletes were racing on very familiar roads, even passing team member Jay Krieger’s house/cheer station half way through the bike.

As always, racing in front of friends, family and fellow team members is always a special treat and this years HPR/ Arbutus Physio cheer station on the run did not disappoint.

Jay Watson – 6:27:18

Dave Ganong – 6:14:47

David Carleton – 6:34:22

Colette Hopkins – 6:09:04

Monique Moore – 5:43:43

Jessica Gorges – 5:26:37

Richard Boxhall – 5:21:03

Mike Neill – 4:36:21