A woman stands calf deep in a lake flexing her right arm and smiling.

Second Annual SwimRun Success 2019

This morning at Thetis Lake we had our second annual SwimRun Victoria! Congratulations to all of the athletes who came out to challenge this course. 
Thank you to the many community partners and volunteers who help make this event work, and to Driftwood Brewery for sponsoring our event!

A man running on a forest trail raising his arms in celebratory salute for the camera.
A banner hung between two trees advertising driftwood brewery beers.
Two volunteers stand shoulder to hsoulder facing away from the camera to show the HPR logo on the backs of their orange tshirts.
A man crossing a finish line on the beach at Thetis Lake.
A man running on a forest trail carrying hand paddles used for swimming. He is wet.