VSAC Staff at the Triathlon of Compassion

Calling All Triathletes

Covid 19 Impacts Events

As summer approaches we are seeing event after event cancelled because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Athletes are at at a loss to a maintain focus for training. Our triathlon community is adrift in a sea of uncertainty.

Athletes are not at the top of the list of those impacted by the social restrictions placed on us by health authorities. Many businesses are struggling. Students are missing classes. Unemployment is at the highest levels in recent memory. Close to home for us, charities that rely on events for fundraising are without the relied upon source of revenue.

VSAC Relies on the Tri of Compassion

The Triathlon of Compassion is a Human Powered Event that is a major fundraiser for the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. It is a fun, family friendly sprint triathlon that usually takes place at the Esquimalt Rec Centre in June. Like most other events it cannot proceed as planned this year. We considered cancelling it for 2020 but understand that the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre relies on the event to meet their fundraising needs. As an alternative to the usual event, in order to keep it happening in some form, we have changed the format of the event to make it a virtual event for 2020. There is information on the new format on the event website.

Triathletes Give Back

The Tri of Compassion is an opportunity for triathletes to do some good in our community. For 2020 participating in the event will give you a purpose for training while a portion of your registration fee will go to the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. Human Powered Racing has committed to donating the portion of registration fees not required for the administration of the event to the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre.

We are calling on all triathletes to sign up for the 2020 Triathlon of Compassion. Everyone who completes the event will receive as custom wood finisher medallion made by a local Victoria business from recycled wood. All registrants have the option of receiving a custom technical t-shirt printed by a local Victoria business.

Register for the 2020 TriAthlon of Compassion here.