A village on the Island of Corsica alongside the trail.

The Challenge of Corsica

The first two Human Powered cycling challenges took us to opposite ends of Canada. Now it is time to cross the pond to France, the birthplace of bike racing and the home of the most iconic cycling race on earth, the Tour de France.

The Challenge of Corsica is an event to give cyclists and triathletes a focus for training and a goal to achieve. The Challenge is to ride the equivalent of the circumference of the island of Corsica during the month of July.

The challenge

One loop of the island of Corsica is 620 Kilometres.

It will be a while until we can travel to Europe to ride some of the world’s most iconic cycling routes, but we can simulate the experience for the next best thing.

You can ride anywhere. Log your distance and submit proof to us via the link.

Proof can be in the form of device files or simply a photo of your sports watch or treadmill screen. It just needs to include the date and distance.

Commemorative plaque

Everyone who enters the Challenge of Corsica will receive a commemorative plaque. As you reach your goals you will receive medallions that mount on the plaque to reward your progress. There is a medallion for finishing the full 620K loop. There is a special medallion for anyone who is able to ride a second loop of the island, or 1240K, in the month.

An image of the award plaque for the Challenge of Corsica

Join us

You can track your progress on the Challenge of Corsica progress page listing participants and their total progress, updated daily. This page will be accessible to the public so that your friends and family can follow your run. And you will be invited to an athlete Facebook group so you can meet your co-challengers.

A cyclist riding a coast road on Corsica

These are challenging times for everyone, particularly for athletes. Covid 19 has caused the cancellation of races, events, and training camps. Physical Distancing makes it impossible to train with our teammates or training partners.