The Island of Corsica map and bike in French flag colours over a photo of the Corsica coastline.

The Challenge of Corsica, July 1st Start

Our challenge series continues! Join our Facebook Group and public results and vie for your plaque. As you do one cycling loop of the island of Corsica you will earn your medallion; or earn a second medallion if you can manage a second loop in the month of July. Track your progress on the Challenge of Corsica progress page and see how you do. Share your progress with participants, friends and family.

France is the birthplace of modern bike racing and it’s the home of the most iconic cycling race on Earth. We might not be able to go there during these COVID-19 times and our racing season is radically altered, but we can still do take the Corsica Challenge.

Commemorative Plaque

Everyone who enters the Challenge of Corsica will receive a commemorative plaque. As you reach your goals you will receive medallions that mount on the plaque to reward your progress. There is a medallion for finishing the full 620K loop. There is a special medallion for anyone who is able to ride a second loop of the island, or 1240K, in the month.