Triathlon of Compassion Roundup

Thank you racers and donors for being a part of the 2020 Triathlon of Compassion! We know it looked a bit different this year, but thanks to your willingness to adapt, our community still made it happen.

Some of you even took event photos for us! Here are the photos from the Triathlon of Compassion this year!

 Michael Campbell, Jennifer Campbell and Donna Morrissey (listed from front to back) stand outside on pavement with grass and forest behind at Elk Lake. They are smiling in their triathlon gear and spread out (approx. 2 meters apart).

Michael Campbell, Jennifer Campbell and Donna Morrissey (front to back) went to Elk Lake for their Triathlon of Compassion Run on June 21st! “Note the physical distancing 😊 .”

Nancy Carleton stands outside with her bike propped up on the back of a black car behind her. Another race done!

Nancy Carleton did the Duathlon raising almost $4500 for the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre.

A group of three people with two in the front standing and one sitting behind in a camping chair to the left. The two standing smile holding a picture frame wearing triathlon gear. These people are: Nancy Carleton (left standing), Carol Richer (right standing), Marsha Petty-Johnson (back seated). The picture they are holding is of Carol Richer and Justin Martin at the 2014 Tri of Compassion standing with one other racer. They are both photos taken outside.

Nancy (left), Carol Richer (right), Marsha Petty-Johnson (back), and Helen Martin were also celebrating the life of Justin Martin by participating in the Triathlon of Compassion this year.

Nancy Carleton and Justin Martin at the 2014 Tri of Compassion standing with one other racer. All wear Human Powered Racing Red, Black, and White gear. They are outside in a field.

Justin was a “witty, supportive, friendly” HPR teammate who passed away in early 2020. He always participated in the Triathlon of Compassion, and this is a race photo with Justin and Nancy from the 2014 Tri of Compassion.

Gillian Carleton stands in a parking lot in black athletic clothes next to David Carleton wearing a grey tshirt and black shorts.

Nancy was also supported by her daughter, Gillian Carleton, who joined her for both running portions. Nancy was also supported on bike prep by her husband and training partner David, and members of her HPR triathlon team. They “were practicing social distancing so hard to get everyone into a photo!”

Barbara Rober stands smiling to the left in pink shirt and a cap next to her partner wearing sunglasses, a cap, and a tshirt. Between them in a carrier on her partner's chest is a small baby looking at the camera. They are in a field with a grey-blue building and blue skies behind them.

After the race Barbara Rober wrote, “just finished the virtual Triathlon of Compassion. It was a little bit different this year, but so nice to be able to complete it with my little family and support the Victoria Sexual Assault Centre. Thanks to Human Powered Racing for making this event happen even during a pandemic. ”

Johanne-Pascale Audet runs with her black bike to the right through long grass with a forest of trees behind her.
Johanne-Pascale Audet stands smiling in her wetsuit facing left with blue skies and a lake behind her. She stands on grass, which recedes to sand as it gets close to the lake.

Johanne-Pascale Audet took to the woods and the open water for the bike and swim divisions of the Triathlon of Compassion 2020!

Congratulations on your race everyone, and thank you again!