Legs of a cyclist on a bike mounted on a trainer

Human Powered Challenge Update

Since the onset of event cancellations due to Covid 19, Human Powered Racing has been creating challenges designed to give athletes a focus for training and goals to achieve. Our first challenge was Ride the Rock, a challenge to cycle the equivalent of the length of Vancouver Island during the month of May.

Since then we have offered a variety of running and cycling challenges taking athletes on a virtual journey around the globe to storied destinations to reach iconic goals. We have been across Canada, run the Big Island, cycled in France….

Our challenges have certain things in common. Each challenge must be completed by the end of the calendar month that it is held. You can start any time during the month, but you must be finished by month’s end. Each challenge is designed so that it can be accomplished anywhere with limited resources and technology. Athletes can complete the challenge alone but can follow the progress of their friends and associates through regularly updated results pages.

Each challenge has a Facebook group so that participants can share their experiences and follow others. Everyone who enters a Human Powered Challenge receives a commemorative wooden plaque, unique to that challenge, custom made on Vancouver Island. Progress on the challenges is marked with medallions that are designed to be mounted on the challenge plaque.

Image of the Sea to Sky Challenge plaque
Sea to Sky Challenge Plaque

The current challenge for August is the Sea to Sky Challenge where athletes run the equivalent of Vancouver to Whistler.

The next Human Powered Cycling Challenge has a bit of a twist. Instead of challenging athletes to cover a set distance for the month athletes are challenged to CLIMB the equivalent of the summit of Mt. Robson, the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies. The Summit Robson Challenge is to climb 3956 meters during the month of September. Register for the Summit Robson Challenge here and join the facebook group.

Keep an eye on the Human Powered Challenge page to see what new challenges await!

Summit Robson Challenge