Ride Hawaii Challenge

The Ride Hawaii Challenge is an event to give runners and triathletes a focus for training and a goal to achieve. The Challenge is to ride the equivalent of the circumference of the Big Island of Hawaii) in December.

With most of us in base training season this is a great reason to put in the volume that we should be.

One lap of the Big Island is 483 Kilometres. Ride as many laps as you can and send us your progress. We will keep track and post your progress on the Challenge results page. You will be awarded for each completed lap.

We might not be able to train in Hawaii right now but we can visualize and imagine being there again one day. Grab your shades and hit the road (or trainer, or spin bike)!

You can ride anywhere and on anything with pedals and wheels. Log your distance and submit proof to us via the link.

Proof can be in the form of electronic device files or simply a photo of your sports watch or computer screen. It just needs to include the date and distance.

Everyone who enters the Ride Hawaii Challenge will receive a commemorative plaque. With each lap completed you will receive a medallion to mount on the plaque to reward your progress. There is a medallion for each lap you complete, and there is no limit to how many you can do in the month. We will award the person who completes the most laps in the month.

You can track your progress on the Ride Hawaii Challenge progress page listing participants and their total progress, updated daily. This page will be accessible to the public so that your friends and family can follow your run.

Big Island of Hawaii as seen from the air, with cobalt blue waters.

These are challenging times for everyone, particularly for athletes. Covid 19 has caused the cancellation of races, events, and training camps. Without events to focus on we have created Challenges to give athletes goals to train for and achieve.