Athletes milling about and celebrating at the finish line.

An Update on 2021!

As we approach the 1 year anniversary of COVID 19 becoming a global pandemic there does appear to be light at the end of the tunnel. The fact that we already have a number of vaccines for COVID 19 is a miracle of science and one that really is encouraging for the entire planet. While the roll out of vaccinations is starting at a sluggish pace, hopefully once production increases and distribution chains improve we will all be vaccinated before the fall of 2021.

As we all adjust to the new normal of wearing masks, physical distancing and sticking to our own “bubbles” there is still much uncertainty as to what the future holds. Here in BC we have been asked to stick to our own households, avoid gatherings and non essential travel “indefinitely”. The spread of Corona Virus variants has added a new wrinkle into the time line of when we may return to “normal”.

Obviously there are much more important reasons for wanting this pandemic to be over than triathletes having races, but the truth is, training to race is only a small part of what triathletes train for. The motivation to race is what gets many out the door, but what also gets missed is the camaraderie of hanging out with other athletes before and after training and racing. Having a beer at the local pub and talking about a shared experience, traveling to known and unknown destinations for camps and races, these are just a few of the things all triathletes look forward to. Being stuck training on your own familiar roads and trails (or trainer and treadmill) is great if you live somewhere like Vancouver Island, but at the same time can get a little stale.

So, what does the future hold in 2021? The CEO of Ironman just came out yesterday with a statement that they want to hold races this spring and summer and they will hold off on postponing or moving races as long as they can. A lot depends on health officials, local and national governments and the simple ability of athletes to travel to races. In other words, they really don’t know.

At Human Powered Racing we want to hold events. Like athletes, we love everything about putting on an event and bringing people together. As athletes, coaches and race directors, the pursuit of goals and having a finish line to shoot for is what we live for. We are communicating with TriBC, local health officials and venue managers so that we are ready to act once we age given the green light to host events. To miss out on another year of racing would be devastating, but the health and well being of our triathlon family and community at large will always come first. While we hope to put on events in 2021, we are still in a holding pattern and will not be opening registration to athletes until we are certain events can and will take place.

Keep the faith!