A group of people in wetsuits standing on a beach around a sign that says "Okanagan Beach." They are all smiling. The only person not in a wetsuit is a man in a pink tanktop to the left. There are two people not standing. One is lying in front of the sign. The other is kneeling on the right of the photo.

Ironman Canada Camp / June 25th – 28th

Now that it is officially “ON” it is time to get ready!
Join former Ironman Canada Champion/ B78 Head Coach Jasper Blake and Human Powered Racing Head Coach Mike Neill as they take you through an intense 4 day camp that will have you see each part of the “new” course as well as a few of their favourite training routes in the Penticton area.

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Thursday June 24th

Arrival in Penticton

Pick up Camp Welcome Package

Friday June 25th  

Bike – 3:00 – OK Falls Loop/ Finish with Lost Moose Climb

Run – 1:00 – Aerobic Loosening (out and back along Canal)

Saturday June 26th

Bike – 180km – Recon of Ironman Canada Course

Run – 10k – Transition Run (out and back portion on KVR)

Swim – 30min (Aerobic Recovery/Sighting)

Sunday June 27th

Run – 25km – (out and back portion of KVR + 1 Loop of in town portion)

Bike – 3:00 – Aerobic Recovery (out and back along Green Mountain Road/ Those that are feeling it and want to go to the top can go)

Camp Dinner (Q and A with coaches)

Monday June 28th

Swim – 30min – Aerobic Recovery/ Drafting Set

Bike – 1:30 – Aerobic Recovery (Naramata Bench Ride)

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