SwimRun Victoria athlete.

SwimRun – A Different Kind of Race

The sport of SwimRun started as a drunken bet in Sweden in 2002. If has grown steadily to include races all over the world. The format of SwimRun varies slightly from place to place, but it is consistently a point to point stage race with individual or 2 person teams completing alternating stages of swimming and running. There are no transition zones in SwimRun. Athletes are required to carry everything they need from start to finish. This has resulted in some impressive innovation and imaginative solutions.

Human Powered Racing first hosted SwimRun Victoria in 2018. The event has happened every year since then. The event is both challenging and fun at the same time.

SwimRun Victoria takes place at Thetis Lake Park. There are 2 distances, a short course for the weekend warriors and a long course for the more serious athletes. Much of the focus of the event is fun and camaraderie with athletes and volunteers. The pre race briefing and package pick up, and the post event awards celebration take place at the Six Mile Pub, just down the road from the race venue. Driftwood Brewery supplies the liquid refreshments for both.

The 2023 SwimRun Victoria is on July 23. You can race with a friend or tackle it solo. Register now!

Two swimmers in yellow upper wear, black shorts, swim googles, white swim caps wade out of the water in the blue green lake, with the forest visible behind them on the far shore. They are thigh deep in the water and wear their race numbers in black on their clothes.