Rob and nine coaching students posing in a park

Empowering the Future: Coaching Clinics with Triathlon BC

Here in British Columbia, the world of triathlon is experiencing a surge of enthusiasm and growth. Over the past two weekends, I had the pleasure of facilitating two community coaching clinics in Whistler and Victoria, organized by Triathlon BC. The goal was clear: to cultivate a new generation of coaches who will play a crucial role in shaping the future of triathlon in the province.

Triathlon, a demanding and exhilarating sport, relies heavily on the guidance and expertise of coaches. New coaches are the lifeblood of the triathlon community, bringing fresh perspectives, energy, and a commitment to excellence. These individuals play a pivotal role in nurturing budding athletes, helping them navigate the challenges of multi-sport to achieve their full potential.

As an experienced coach and athlete I understand the significance of grooming new coaching talent. New coaches bring new enthusiasm and breath new life into the sport.

The recent coaching clinics held in the picturesque locales of Whistler and Victoria, drew in a total of 16 enthusiastic participants. These clinics served as a platform for aspiring coaches to delve into the intricacies of coaching triathlon, from designing comprehensive training programs, to planning effective workouts, to understanding the nuances of athlete motivation.

coaching practice session in a park

The weekends were not just about lectures and theory; they were immersive experiences that combined classroom sessions with practical, hands-on activities. Participants had the opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios, honing their coaching skills and learning from the feedback not just from me but also from their co-learners in the course.

Triathlon BC’s proactive approach in organizing and supporting coaching clinics is a testament to its commitment to the sport’s growth. By investing in the development of new coaches, the organization is laying the foundation for a thriving triathlon community in the province.

These clinics are a prime example of how Triathlon BC is fostering an environment that encourages individuals to step up and contribute to the sport they love. The organization’s foresight in recognizing the need for well-trained coaches aligns with its broader mission to make triathlon accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

I find teaching new coaches to be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Not only do I have the opportunity to share my experience and knowledge with aspiring coaches, I also learn so much from the participants of each course.

The 16 new coaches emerging from these clinics are now equipped with the knowledge and skills to begin to guide the next generation of triathletes. Their impact will ripple through the community, fostering a culture of growth, excellence, and inclusivity within the sport. I encourage each and every community coach in training to continue their learning journey to achieve certification.

These coaching clinics with Triathlon BC have not only empowered 16 new coaches but have also sown the seeds for a brighter future for triathlon in British Columbia. As the province continues to produce passionate and well-trained coaches, the triathlon community can look forward to sustained growth and success.

Triathlon BC’s commitment to coach training is a shining example of how organizations can play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of a sport. With dedicated learning facilitators leading the way, the future of triathlon in British Columbia looks promising, vibrant, and full of exciting possibilities.

coaching course participants in Whistler