2023 Justin Martin Spirit Award Winners

The Human Powered Racing Spirit award is given annually to one male and one female member of the team. All Spirit Award winners embody what it means to be a Human Powered Racing athlete. They have led by example and shown grit, determination and team spirit in the pursuit of their own individual goals.

This years winners Michael Campbell and Lisa Kersten both set examples in different ways, but both exemplified what it means to be a part of Human Powered Racing.

Mike was confronted with a cardiac condition that prevented him from racing at all in 2023, but it did not stop him from supporting his wife Jenn and the rest of his team-mates in the most selfless manner. Whether it was setting up a Uhaul trailer and driving bikes down to California for Vertical Camp, doing bike mechanic duty’s and pumping up tires at The Oliver Triathlon or standing on the sidelines at races and cheering with all his might, Mike was the ultimate team-mate. His attitude and positivity were what this award symbolizes.

When it comes to attitude, no other athlete brings a better one than LIsa “Sparkles” Kersten. As someone with no background in endurance sports, Lisa came to Human Powered Racing to test her limits and join her husband Gerald in the pursuit of triathlon. After a rough swim that didn’t see her finish at Lavaman in 2022, Lisa went back to the Big Island of Hawaii in 2023 and crossed the finish line with style (and a sparkled HPR kit). With her infectious laugh and smile Lisa reminds everyone how fun this sport can be and how finishing is a gift not to be taken for granted!

Past Winners

2006 – Heather Whittall and Kelly Sharman

2007 – Kim Hurley and Marty Shatzko

2008 – Kevin Suckling and Marsha Petty-Johnson

2009 – Karen Suckling and Justin Martin

2010 – Victoria Read and Adrian Walton

2011 – Jen MacLean and Mark Phillips

2012 – Nancy Carleton and David Carleton

2013 – TEAM

2014 – Rebecca Turgeon and Greg McKay

2015 – Debbie Jackson and Ivor John

2016 – Justin Martin and Barb Rober

2017 – April Vesey and Jay Krieger

2018 – Eileen Harper and Richard Boxhall

2019 – Colette Hopkins and Mark Hopkins

2020 – Diana Thaxter and Christopher Mavrikos

2021 – Heloiza Brod and Gerald Kersten

2022 – Jessica Gorges and Jordan Lamarche

2023 – Lisa “Sparkles” Kersten and Michael Campbell.