Coaching in a Pandemic

As an athlete the past 7 months has been extremely challenging. As a coach 2020 has almost been worse. As coaches our JOB is to help people set goals, improve, overcome obstacles, overcome disappointments and in the end achieve set goals. While there is a lot of intrinsic satisfaction from nailing workouts and accomplishing certain training goals, there is nothing quite like the feeling of doing it on a certain day at a certain place. A day that you have …

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In the left is a person wearing a white "Human Powered Racing" swim cap. They are the part of the photo in focus. We cannot see their face because they are looking away from the camera and out across a lake with evergreen trees on the other side. They are also wearing blue goggle, which are pushed up on the swim cap in the photo.

Thank You

As the summer of 2020 draws to a close and with Canadian Thanksgiving right around the corner, now might be a good time to step back from the state of the world and all it’s problems (too numerous to mention at the moment) and simply say thank you and be grateful for some of the things we have. Nature – We are extremely lucky to live in a country that has such a vast, varied and beautiful landscape. A country …

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SwimRun Victoria athlete

The Last Athlete

Their determination to finish a long multisport race like a triathlon or SwimRun exemplifies grit and spirit. Cheerers shed tears seeing the last athlete cross the finish line. Volunteers cheer. And race directors finally exhale.

Legs of a cyclist on a bike mounted on a trainer

Human Powered Challenge Update

Since the onset of event cancellations due to Covid 19, Human Powered Racing has been creating challenges designed to give athletes a focus for training and goals to achieve. Our first challenge was Ride the Rock, a challenge to cycle the equivalent of the length of Vancouver Island during the month of May. Since then we have offered a variety of running and cycling challenges taking athletes on a virtual journey around the globe to storied destinations to reach iconic …

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The Island of Corsica map and bike in French flag colours over a photo of the Corsica coastline.

The Challenge of Corsica, July 1st Start

Our challenge series continues! Join our Facebook Group and public results and vie for your plaque. As you do one cycling loop of the island of Corsica you will earn your medallion; or earn a second medallion if you can manage a second loop in the month of July. Track your progress on the Challenge of Corsica progress page and see how you do. Share your progress with participants, friends and family. France is the birthplace of modern bike racing …

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Triathlon of Compassion Roundup

Thank you racers and donors for being a part of the 2020 Triathlon of Compassion! We know it looked a bit different this year, but thanks to your willingness to adapt, our community still made it happen. Some of you even took event photos for us! Here are the photos from the Triathlon of Compassion this year! Michael Campbell, Jennifer Campbell and Donna Morrissey (front to back) went to Elk Lake for their Triathlon of Compassion Run on June 21st! …

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Ride the Rock Challenge

Ride the Rock is a Wrap

The Ride the Rock Challenge came to a close on May 31. For the month of May participants challenged themselves to ride the equivalent of the length of Vancouver Island. People started off to get some kilometres in on their bike but found different benefits to the Challenge along the way.