The Island of Corsica map and bike in French flag colours over a photo of the Corsica coastline.

The Challenge of Corsica, July 1st Start

Our challenge series continues! Join our Facebook Group and public results and vie for your plaque. As you do one cycling loop of the island of Corsica you will earn your medallion; or earn a second medallion if you can manage a second loop in the month of July. Track your progress on the Challenge of Corsica progress page and see how you do. Share your progress with participants, friends and family. France is the birthplace of modern bike racing …

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Triathlon of Compassion Roundup

Thank you racers and donors for being a part of the 2020 Triathlon of Compassion! We know it looked a bit different this year, but thanks to your willingness to adapt, our community still made it happen. Some of you even took event photos for us! Here are the photos from the Triathlon of Compassion this year! Michael Campbell, Jennifer Campbell and Donna Morrissey (front to back) went to Elk Lake for their Triathlon of Compassion Run on June 21st! …

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Ride the Rock Challenge

Ride the Rock is a Wrap

The Ride the Rock Challenge came to a close on May 31. For the month of May participants challenged themselves to ride the equivalent of the length of Vancouver Island. People started off to get some kilometres in on their bike but found different benefits to the Challenge along the way.

The award plaque for the Big Island Challenge with a runner in the background.

The Big Island Challenge

Human Powered Racing has created a series of challenge events to give our athlete community a focus during these times of social isolation and physical distancing. We understand your desire to push your limits and share your need to set and achieve goals. The Human Powered Challenges are a way to accomplish this in the absence of group events. You can complete each challenge while still being socially responsible and safeguarding against the spread of COVID-19. The Big Island Challenge …

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Mike on bike at 2011 Ironman Canada

Racing Memories

Looking back can make you realize that it really is about the journey and not just the destination….

Ride the Rock Challenge

Ride the Rock Challenge

The Ride the Rock Challenge is the first of the Covid Challenges hosted by Human Powered Racing. It is a challenge to ride the distance equivalent to the length of Vancouver Island.