The Summit Robson Challenge, September


Climb the equivalent of the Mount Robson Summit. Get a commerative plaque, join our Facebook Group, and see your daily updated results along side other challengers.


Our first Summit Challenge is right here in Western Canada. Mount Robson, at 12,989 feet or 3959 meters is the highest peak in Canada.

The Summit Robson Challenge is an event to give cyclists and triathletes a focus for training and a goal to achieve. The Challenge is to ride the equivalent of climbing Mt. Robson on a bike during the month of September.

Everyone who enters the Summit Robson Challenge will receive a commemorative plaque. Everyone who reaches their goal of summiting Mt. Robson will receive a medallion to mount on the plaque to reward your accomplishment. Anyone who is able to summit twice in the month will be rewarded with a special medallion.

You can track your progress on the Summit Robson progress page listing participants and their total progress, updated daily. This page will be accessible to the public so that your friends and family can follow your run. And you will be invited to an athlete Facebook group so you can meet your co-challengers.