The Human Powered Racing Spirit award is given annually to one male and one female member of the team. All Spirit Award winners embody what it means to be a Human Powered Racing athlete. They have led by example and shown grit, determination and team spirit in the pursuit of their own individual goals.

Past Winners

2006 – Heather Whittall and Kelly Sharman

2007 – Kim Hurley and Marty Shatzko

2008 – Kevin Suckling and Marsha Petty-Johnson

2009 – Karen Suckling and Justin Martin

2010 – Victoria Read and Adrian Walton

2011 – Jen MacLean and Mark Phillips

2012 – Nancy Carleton and David Carleton

2013 – TEAM

2014 – Rebecca Turgeon and Greg McKay

2015 – Debbie Jackson and Ivor John

2016 – Justin Martin and Barb Rober

2017 – April Vesey and Jay Krieger

2018 – Eileen Harper and Richard Boxhall

2019 – Colette Hopkins and Mark Hopkins

2020 – Diana Thaxter and Christopher Mavrikos

2021 – Heloiza Brod and Gerald Kersten