Human Powered Virtual Challenges

Distributed challenges so we can race together, apart.

The Covid 19 health crisis is impacting everyone. It has created challenges and put up roadblocks in our daily lives. While we are practicing physical distancing and self isolation we cannot do many of the things that give us purpose and meaning.

As athletes we develop habits and routines, and set goals for ourselves, focusing on physical activity and personal achievement. We seek out new challenges, enter events that will test us, and travel to locations to share legendary experiences. For now, all this has changed. Events have been cancelled and we are no longer able to travel to train and race.

To help fill the gap created by Covid 19 and support our community in these trying times Human Powered Racing has undertaken a number of initiatives. One of these is a series of Covid Challenges. Each month while our activities are restricted we will offer one or more challenge events that can be accomplished while still practicing physical distancing and social isolation. Each event includes a specific accomplishment that will be rewarded upon completion. These events mimic real world challenges. Each is an opportunity to physically challenge yourself and be rewarded for your accomplishment.

December 2020

October 2020