Human Powered Youth Triathlon Team

HPR Youth is the youth triathlon team affiliated with Human Powered Racing.  The team is open to youth aged eight and up who are interested in the sport of triathlon.

It is open to everyone from first time triathletes looking for fun and encouragement to competitive athletes looking for expert coaching and a motivating training environment.


The foundations of our program are based on fun, safety, respect, and personal achievement in a supportive team atmosphere.  We believe that triathlon not only develops swimming, cycling, and running skills, but teaches life lessons in commitment, dedication, and healthy living. Our goal as coaches is to deliver these lessons in a safe, fun, and supportive environment.

Human Powered Youth Triathlon is proud to host a number of youth triathlons in Victoria, including the HPR Youth Tri Westshore, the Victoria Youth Triathlon, and the Triathlon of Compassion.

Youth Programs

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