Human Powered Racing Athletes standing at edge of Thetis Lake after the 2013 Gunner Shaw Trail Run

Gunner Shaw 2013

4 crazy Human Powered Racing athletes, one coach, once sibling and one alumni took part in the 29th running of the Gunner Shaw trail race at Thetis Lake this past weekend. In what is surely one of the hardest 9 (we like to call it 10) kilometer races out there, runners were challenged with slick, muddy single track trails that were never on flat terrain. To add to the challenge TWO long stretches of ice cold muddy water had to be crossed which rendered runners legs frozen. This was all before the final 60m of the course which took runners waist deep through Thetis Lake. A great time was had by all, including Richard Wey who chose this race as his FIRST ever 10km running race.

16   5/40  M4049   182 Mike Neill                Victoria             HPR                         40:30  4:30
83  28/48  M3039    69 Chad Dalrymple            Victoria                                         48:37  5:25
126  11/28  M5059   129 Bob Janicki               Victoria             PIH                         53:02  5:54
163  31/40  M4049   281 David Holder              Richmond             SAA                         57:28  6:24
190  20/28  M5059   219 Kelly Sharman             Victoria             HPR                         59:10  6:35
228  28/29  F3039   280 Catherine Holder          Victoria             HPR                       1:07:00  7:27
256  16/19  M6099   247 Richard Wey               Sidney                                         1:24:11  9:22

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