Athletes standing at the top of Piuma Climb during the 2014 HPR california Camp

California Camp Report

“Please tell me we are at the top of something”

Rob Dibden, Day 2, Top of Latigo Climb

The 4th California Camp is in the books and it was a great one. 8 athletes, 2 coaches and 1 support crew made for the perfect 4 days of riding in the Santa Monica Mountains. There are many great destinations for camps in North America, but Southern California and in particular the Malibu, Thousand Oaks area is tough to beat.

This camp was titled Vertical Camp and with good reason. We rode for 4 days and each day featured at least 4000 feet of climbing and one day was up close to 7000 feet. This did not include the mountain trail running we did that had us heading up into the hills after 2 of our rides. Throw in one outdoor swim at the Cal Lutheran Community Pool and you have a group of extremely worn out athletes.

As with all camps, perhaps the greatest aspect is watching everyone come together over the 4 days and encouraging each other over the mountain passes and beyond what they think is possible. This is NOT an easy camp and yet everyone finished each day with a smile and sense of accomplishment that made sitting around and having a nice cold beer taste that much better.

I look forward to getting back again in 2015. If you are interested contact us and we will keep you posted on 2015 dates.

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