David Carleton on bike at the 2013 Tri of Compassion

Eliminator Triathlon

We hope you will join us on August 24th for the first ever Oak Bay Eliminator Triathlon at Willows Beach. The race idea is patterned on a series that was big in Australia back in the late 1990’s called the St. George F1 series where athletes raced super sprint distance triathlons in rounds where the fastest moved on and the other racers were eliminated. In our race, the top half of the field will move on to Championship rounds and the rest will move to a consolation round. So either way, you will be getting in the water at Willow’s Beach more than once. For all the information and to register check out the race website. For a look at the St George F1 series check this out. The racing is FAST and very spectator friendly!

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