Getting Ready for the Triathlon of Compassion at TREK

Two women with their arms around each other standing outside in the sun and smiling.
This is a photo of a woman indoors with long blonde hair and black glasses. She is smiling and holding up two matching orange shopping bags with the HPR logo - a black line in the shape of a mountain range - and other sponsor logos on them
Shauna Argo is the parent of two young racers who are both finishing the Island Savings Greater Victoria Youth Triathlon Series tomorrow!
This is a photo of a man in a black tshirt leaning against a metal espresso machine and standing behind a counter. There are chalk boards in the background, one says "Big Ring Coffee Bar" and the other is less legible.
Bill is the big heart behind Trek Victoria ProCity
This is a photo of two signs: one says "raise over 300 dollars" for a chance to win a bike from Trek, and the other says "raise over 500 dollars" for a chance to win a get away.
Trek Victoria ProCity generosity at work.