Runners in the super series take a corner right beside the Human Powered Racing tent.

Victoria Youth Triathlon Wrap Up

We had a great day yesterday at the University of Victoria for the Victoria Youth Triathlon. The results are posted and we want to congratulate all of the athletes. There was a lot of heart and talent on display and it was our honour to make space for so many young athletes who will hopefully lead triathlon one day.

We had 177 athletes participate this year, ranging from six to twenty years old with the addition of the BC Super Series draft legal race. Watching the future of triathlon in BC is inspiring indeed!

Here’s a few more photos of the day.

This was race number two in the Island Savings Greater Victoria Youth Triathlon Series. The final race in this series is on June 24th at the Triathlon of Compassion!

Jay Krieger from the 2018 Tour de Rock Team was there making pancakes for us by donation. His team raised $705 for Cops for Cancer.

Thank you to our sponsors: Island Savings, Arbutus Physiotherapy, Trek Pro City Cycles and Frontrunners.

And thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their Sunday to make this event possible.

Here are the top finishers in each of the BC Super Series race categories:

U23 male: Michael Milac, Carsten Lapointe, Brodie Marshall, Fabio Brentani

U23 female: Abby Spears

Junior male: Keagan Ingram, Trevor Laupland, Wyatt Schnare, Konrad Thummerer, Charles Yan

Junior female: Hannah Milac, Emmajean Neal, Andrena Johnson, Maia Vitoratos, Gracw Lorenson-Nordstrand

13-15 male: Lincoln Hoel, Bradley Christison, Brodey Wright, Luke Hubner, Jack Screen

13-15 female: Jamie Harker, Kasha Vitoratos, Tayla Ingram, Heidi Henry, Ember Bruszkowski

The first swim heat at the Victoria Youth Triathlon at McKinnon gym.

Levi Achtem and mom, Janice, stand at the podium at the Victoria Youth Triathlon.
Janice Achtem and her son, Levi (603), at the podium.
The first swim heat at the Victoria Youth Triathlon at McKinnon gym.
McKinnon gymnasium pool at UVic.

A young, and short, athlete runs out of the transition area to do a lap at the youth triathlon.

Youth racer, Annalise Pickering, on the Vic Youth Tri bike course

Swimmers exiting the pool at McKinnon gym at the University of Victoria.

Minnie, Rob and Jenna pose side by side.
Minnie Me, Rob Dibden (Race Director) and Jenna Ujfalusi.

Victoria Youth triathlon athlete makes a dash for the finish line.

A runner makes it over the finish line at the youth triathlon at UVic.

Cyclists approach the dismount transition area at the Victoria Youth Triathlon at UVic.

Les Andrew, Rebecca Wong, Winnie Yu, Karen Parasvam from Victoria and Vancouver.
Les Andrew, Rebecca Wong, Winnie Yu, Karen Parasvam, all smiles.

Jamie on the run by the cops for cancer tent at the youth triathlon.

A pack of elite women cyclists on a middle lap of ring road.