Ironman Canada/ Calgary 70.3 Re-Cap

On a day that presented completely different conditions from the last time he toed to the line here, Ivor John put the memories of a DNF behind him and finished a race that had been haunting him for a few years. It is not always about the time. This was the first chance for Ivor’s biggest supporter, Diana, see him cross an Ironman Finish Line. Well Done Ivor.

Jay Watson, also racing the full Ironman,  fought a valiant effort to get to the finish line, but the extreme temperatures took their toll and he was forced to abandon his race at the 30km mark of the run. Jay, one of the tough Aussie’s who have been a part of HPR, will be back to fight another day.

Daphne Walsh was our lone athlete tackling the Whistler 70.3 on this day, and as is often the case with endurance racing, Dahpne was forced to deal with an issue that prevented her from racing as fast as she was ready to (in this case an empty inhaler that is crucial to her breathing).  Determined to finish, Daphne put her pre race expectations to the side and crossed the finish line. Smile intact. Congrats Daphne.

A province over at the Calgary 70.3,  Monique Moore was putting her month of crash course training to the test finishing up with a stellar performance and a 6th place finish in the 45 – 49 age group. As they say, sometimes it is better to be 10% under trained, than 1% over trained. Way to Go Mo!

XTERRA Victoria race director