A gift of time sits beside a stocking: Happy holidays!

Why a race entry makes a great gift

This Christmas give the gift of fun and fitness.

Race entries make great Christmas gifts for the athlete(s) in your life.  Race entries entry is useful and won’t get stowed on a shelf or re-gifted to the postal carrier or baby sitter.  Everyone who races needs and will appreciate receiving a race entry.  Since race entries are used during the year following their gifting they are always a fresh and welcome gift.

An athlete who receives a race entry in December not only gets admission to the event and all the race swag that goes with it, they also receive months of anticipation and motivation leading up to the event.  It is a gift that gives for months after it is received.  It will give your first time racer the motivation they need to prepare for  their first event, and it will give your seasoned veteran a head start with their season planning.

Human Powered Racing has a number of races to choose from.  For kids we have three races in our Island Savings Youth Race Series.  For the new triathlete or someone looking for an early summer sprint there is the Tri of Compassion.  For the hard core off road athlete there is XTERRA Victoria.  For the adventurer looking for something new and cool there is SwimRun Victoria.  For runners we have the XTERRA Trail Run.

Regardless of which race you choose to gift, the athlete in your life will appreciate receiving it.  Visit our Races page to learn more about what Human Powered Racing has to offer.

HPR Race sign