A woman in a wet suit with other athletes blurred out behind her smiling.

So You Want To Do A Triathlon?

In theory, triathlon should not be that intimidating a sport. As kids, we did all three sports to some degree. Whether it was school P.E. class or family trips to cottages and lakes in the summer, pretty much all of us have swam (even if it was just from jumping off of a dock or diving board and getting back to solid ground), biked (even if it was just to the corner store for candy) and ran (who didn’t love a good school block run).

The physical ability to complete a triathlon rests within all of us. It is simply doing three things that we have all done (and in many cases loved doing) when we were younger.

Unfortunately, triathlon is often equated with Whippet like athletes taking part in the Olympics or in long distance events like Ironman. The truth is, these athletes, while impressive, are only a small part of the triathlon scene. The Olympic, Half Iron and Ironman are distances that most people graduate to after dipping their toes in the water (no pun intended) and giving a shorter distance triathlon a go.

“Try a Tri” races and sprint distance races are a fantastic way to experience the sport and give yourself exposure to not only triathlon, but to a great group of people and a healthy way of life.

Victoria is blessed with some great races and great training groups for the beginner triathlete. A quick google search of triathlon clubs in Victoria will yield many options; Mercury Rising Triathlon, TriStars Training, Saskia Says, TriNerds, are just a few of the great groups that are out there and can provide you with the knowledge, experience and motivation to tackle your first event.

When it comes to races, the Victoria calendar has a few great events for the first time triathlete. The Triathlon of Compassion is a sprint distance event that takes place in Esquimalt at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre. The Tri of Compassion is a great race for beginners because it features a pool swim and a multi loop bike course so people can see their loved ones and support crew multiple times.

Finish Line of the 2019 Triathlon of Compassion

The Elk Lake Triathlon replaced the “Sri Chimnoy” Triathlon a couple of years ago and it remains one of the longest running races in the country. This race features a sprint, olympic distance and a duathlon for those that might not feel quite up to tackling a lake swim. A very welcoming atmosphere in a beautiful setting with a pancake breakfast to celebrate your finish are some of the highlights of the Elk Lake Triathlon.

For those that might like to experience the fun of a triathlon, but prefer to ride off road, XTERRA Victoria has a sprint distance event as well as the regular Championship race. XTERRA Victoria takes place at Durrance Lake and provides swimmers with a very sheltered and calm lake which is perfect for the first time athlete.

If you ever thought of racing a triathlon, perhaps 2020 is the year. Spring is on the horizon and there is no better time than NOW to set a goal and start taking the steps towards it. If you would like more information or if you have any questions about how to get started please feel free to contact us.