Justin Martin Running to the finish of Lavaman Triathlon

Justin Martin

We at Human Powered Racing are feeling a deep sense of sadness and loss at the sudden passing of our team mate and friend Justin Martin.

One of the original members of Human Powered Racing, Justin was everything this team was about; determined, supportive, funny and most of all kind. He loved the challenge of our sport, he had a never give up attitude and he loved a good pint of beer after a hard effort or race. As a coach I had hoped that he would recover from his illness and rejoin us with one of the kick ass electric road bikes we had been looking at for him.

The only person to win the HPR Spirit Award twice, Justin will live on in everything we as a team accomplish in the years ahead. Although we all will wish for one more chance to hear his Irish accent and see that great smile, we will all live happily in the knowledge that he lived life to the fullest and created a world of love and happiness around him that was an example to us all.

Justin Martin Congratulating Ed Walsh at the finish of Lavaman Triathlon