Sooke team out for a ride.

Parksville 360

This past weekend Human Powered Racing set out on the 10th annual Parksville 360 (Ok, it might only end up being 345 now, but the old name sticks) and it was probably the best weather we have had in the 10 year history of the ride. 25 people set off at 8am from Commonwealth pool on Saturday morning. Many had completed the journey in one of the previous years, but there are always a few newbies who have that “what am I getting myself into” look on their face. It doesn’t take long before the team approach to this rides takes over and everyone feels that sense of camaraderie. This years ride was no exception.Some of the group turned around after lunch at the always excellent Willow Street Cafe in Chemainus while a large number carried on to The Paradise Seashell Motel for the customary pizza and beer in the parking lot. After a heated mini golf tournament, some playoff hockey watching and a dead man’s sleep athletes were up again for an 8:30 departure and the return trip home. If the ride up is hard, the ride home is the real character builder. Once again, team work prevailed and everyone made it home safe and sound. As a coach, this is one of the weekends that defines what Human Powered Racing is all about; thinking you have limits and then, with the help of team mates, realizing that those limits can be exceeded. Congrats and Thank You to everyone who made the journey.



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