Human Powered Racing Team on the beach in front of the ITU Mutlispor sign in Penticton BC.

Challenge Penticton 2016

The 2016 National Multisport Fesitval was a preview of what is to come next year when Penticton hosts the World for the ITU World Championship Festival. World champions will be crowned in events occurring over a 10 day period in everything from Cross Triathlon to Aquathlon to The Long Course World Championship.

This years race was also the Canadian Triathlon Club Championship and it was the strong contingent of athletes from Human Powered Racing that competed across all 5 events (Duathlon, Cross Triathlon, Aquathlon, Aqua-Bike, Long Course Triathlon) that took the title.

Here is a run down of how all of the Human Powered Racing athletes faired in their respective age groups.


Lisa Hopkins – 3rd


Kara Hobby – 3rd

Nancy Carleton – 2nd

Sophia Chadwick – 1st

Brian McArdle – 9th

Cross Triathlon

Marcia Kirby – 4th

Kelly Sharman – 13th

Aqua Bike

Shane Russell – 2nd

Eileen Harper – 5th

Rebecca Turgeon – 2nd

Ed Walsh – 4th

Long Course Triathlon 

Fawn Whiting – 1st

Mike Neill – 2nd

Ivor John – 17th

Justin Martin – 10th

Heather Whittall – 21st

Brian Strilesky – 38th

David Carleton – 40th

Robin Dunkley – 7th

Sandy Wilson – 6th

Debbie Jackson – 10th

Graham George – 25th

Greg McKay – 25th

Richard Boxhall – 31st

Victoria Read – 26th

Daphne Dobko Walsh – 11th

Rob Dibden – 9th

Barb Rober – 4th

Claudia Steinke – 24th

Jay Krieger – 15th

Monique Moore – 4th

Derek Hopkins – 7th

As always, the lead up to these races involved a ton of hard work! There were ups, downs, smiles, tears, success’, failures and a lot of laughs. In the end the races were a celebration of the 10 months of training that we did as a team. Everyone on this team had to overcome some obstacle (or obstacles) to get to the finish line which is why I am so proud of the fact that we did not have one DNF beside anyone’s name. Of particular note is Greg McKay who went down in a pretty epic pile up on The Goose last November.  Greg spent a great deal of time in a wheel chair due to a broken pelvis suffered in that crash. The fact that he not only made it to the start line, but RAN at this race is a testament to what athletes on this team are made of.

Well Done Team!