Runners take off down the road in the Vancouver Island Running Series

Pioneer 8k – Racing to Fitness

This past weekend saw the racing of the Pioneer 8k, the first road race of the Vancouver Island Race Series. As always, this race drew a stellar field of athletes. The running community in Victoria and the lower mainland of B.C. really do gear up for these races and they often draw some of the best runners from across Canada. As a coach I have always put the Island Race Series on the calendar for my athletes at Human Powered Racing as a way to race to some fitness.

As anyone who has ever toed the line can tell you, racing can often cause a lot of anxiety. Having a real timing system set up is often a stress trigger for many. The post race results examination is often the time when athletes veer off the path of competing and on to the path of comparing. That is not the idea behind doing these races.

I encourage my athletes to do early season races to go through the motions of racing and get in good hard efforts while still battling some of the nerves that go along with being in a competitive environment. I discourage them from reading into their results. You must check your ego and expectations when you’re lacing up your shoes for races at this point in the season.

For most triathletes, the first BIG race of the year is five to six months away. These early season events are simply a way to get out and feel what it’s like to be racing again. If you’re a triathlete and you are gearing up for a summer season, you do not want to be at your fastest right now.

Instead, you want to go into these races practicing your race day routines like nutrition, warm ups, and mental games, in anticipation of those days when you will expect to be at peak fitness. The Island Race Series presents the perfect opportunity to race to fitness and haves some fun along the way.

Congratulations to the Human Powered Racing athletes that competed at the Pioneer 8k this past weekend!

Ashley Yip
Evan Flater
Diana Thaxter

Sooke Team Members

Brian Gair
Nina Mittendorf