Group of bikers (off their bikes) standing outside on dark pavement with green trees behind them with a glimpse of blue sky to the right.

Parksville 360 Trip 2018

We had a fantastic trip up island for the 2018 Parksville 360!

This is a group of people sitting in lawn chairs in a parking lot with a cooler of beer. They are smiling up at the camera in sporty gear.
The post ride debrief
This is a group photo of bikers standing out front of a long one storey building under a clear blue sky.
Day Two: Roll Call

Sunshine and Tailwinds made for a great second day!

This is a photo of five volunteers standing outside in a row on a sunny day with trees in the background.
HPR Support Crew

Weekends like this don’t happen without a great support crew. At HPR, we always have the best! Thanks team.

This is a photo of a man wearing a HPR logo jacket coloured black red and white, and a red helmet
Jay’s belated attendance photo

He was cut out of the original attendance photo on day one so we were really surprised when he showed up in Parksville!