A woman is kneeling to the right of a sign the is tied to a table and says "Victoria Sexual Assault Centre." She has brown hair, glasses, and is smiling at the camera. She is wearing a blue tshirt and black pants.

Triathlon of Compassion 2018

Thank you everyone that came out yesterday to make the day a huge success. We’re inspired by the big hearts of the athletes and fundraisers and volunteers and sponsors. We met so many first time racers and so many people told us about their plans to fundraise longer and harder next year for Victoria Sexual Assault Centre.

A woman standing behind a black bike, holding it up, and smiling. She is wearing sunglasses and a teal tshirt that says "Nasty Women Unite." She is standing on a green field with trees in the background and the sky is blue with white clouds.
We were really moved by Tova who won the Trek Victoria ProCity bike, and couldn’t believe it. She won’t have to borrow a bike to race with next year!
A woman with short blonde hair is wearing an HPR triathlon bodysuit and flexing her right arm. She is smiling and posing in front of the HPR back drop with their logo on it in orange, which is a line in the shape of a jagged mountain range silhouette.
An orange inflatable archway finish and start line marker that says "Human Powered Racing" on it with their logo, which is a jagged line shaped like a mountain range silhouette. There is a man in an orange tshirt on one side with the clipboard, and man in a black triathlon bodysuit walking through and others milling about around it. It is on a green grass field with a clear blue sky and trees in the background.

All in all a powerful day of community caring and big smiles. Thanks everyone for showing us your hearts.