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Arbutus Physiotherapy and Health Centre

As anyone who has been involved in endurance sport knows, the body and it’s ability to adapt to stress and strain is constantly tested. Often times, it is the little things that ensure that athletes have uninterrupted training due to injury or overuse, this is where regular massage, chiropractic, physiotherapy, coaching, nutrition etc. etc. come in. These types of preventative and proactive therapies are very important. When an injury does occur it is best to get in and have it assessed to determine which treatments will offer the most benefit.

At Human Powered Racing, we are lucky to be sponsored by one of the best sports minded and athlete focused clinics in Victoria. Arbutus Physiotherapy and Health Centre has all the bases covered to ensure athletes of all abilities are able keep performing at their best, or if injured, get back to training and competition as soon as possible. Making up the team of practitioners at Arbutus are; Chiropractor Dr. Mike Gotuaco, Physiotherapists Sandy Wilson, Libby Meakin, Ashley Fradette, Fawn Whiting, Jessica Hall and Scott Holden as well as Registered Massage Therapists Kristen Bradley and Sarai Goodwin,

Having a team that works together is key and that is one of the strengths of a clinic such as Arbutus. We are lucky to have them onboard again as sponsors for the 2019 season.

Triathlon of Compassion, Esquimalt Recreation Centre, 2018
Carissa Ropponen, VSAC, and Sandy Wilson, from Arbutus Physiotherapy, in front of the Arbutus team busy treating athletes.