Five athletes in their human powered racing gear in a row with their arms around each other smiling.

We Want You!

As 2020 mercifully draws to a close we look to brighter days ahead when we can get back to doing what we do. In a normal year we would have had many Human Powered Racing athletes still basking in the glow of an Ironman finish (a Penticton Ironman finish no less). The way this year played out was not at all what we had envisioned when we started our season last November. Everything was well on track right through our Vertical Camp in January and then another trip to Bermuda for coach Mike and B78 Head Coach Jasper Blake. It was only a few weeks into March when the world was turned upside down by COVID 19. Our Arizona training camp was scrubbed only days before it was scheduled to begin and from there nothing went as planned.

While we were all forced to stay home for a few weeks with a complete shut down of business’, gyms, pools etc. it was becoming more and more evident that things were going to be different for quite some time. At Human Powered Racing we adapted as best we could with Zoom Spins on Tuesday evenings, Virtual Happy Hours on Friday afternoons and OYO (on your own) training through the spring.

Once group training was given the green light (under very specific COVID 19 protocols) it became ever more clear that racing was probably not going to happen in 2020. Races were postponed, postponed again and finally cancelled outright. For athletes and coaches, races are the destination to any training journey. They are the cornerstone of our team. We prepare together, we encourage each other through the long winter training days and tough summer workouts and we celebrate together at races end. Races are the carrot that keeps many of us motivated.

Without races we had to pivot to other challenges to keep us all engaged. Virtual Challenges and BIG training days became the carrot. Over the course of the summer we did a BIG RIDE/Lake Cowichan Loop on July 1st, a BIG RUN/Seven Peaks on August 1st, the PARKSVILLE 360 Ride on Ironman Canada Weekend, a BIG OPEN WATER SWIM/ 60 X 100 on September 7th and then a smokey Half Marathon on September 13th. We did manage to sneak an actual race in there as well with SwimRun Victoria although in typical 2020 fashion we had to switch venues and come up with a new course/format one week before the event after an algae bloom forced the closure of Thetis Lake. All in all, we made the best of what was an otherwise disappointing summer.

What does all this mean? Things can only get better! And they surely will. Every day that goes by is one day closer to the end of this Pandemic. Now that we are technically into off season we are looking to solidify our team with athletes that want to be a part of a training group that does not quit. We will prepare as we always have with a proper program/plan that will have athletes ready for a fantastic 2021 season. Our training season starts on October 31st and runs through to the end of August.

Spaces on the team are limited, but if you are someone who is looking for a great group to train with, has great energy and a positive attitude we want you to join our TEAM.

If you interested in joining Human Powered Racing or you have questions about the program contact

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