Brian on run at Ironman Whistler. Covered in Salt

Ironman Canada – Reflections

Ironman Canada was another Epic event. Heat and wind made it a very tough day for everyone who raced (and spectated for that matter). Here are some reflections from a few Human Powered Athlete’s that took on the day.

“This was my second Ironman Canada – a repeat of last year’s inaugural Ironman Canada in Whistler.  Happily, I pb’d this race and finished with a smile on my face.  My performance on race day would not be possible without an awesome coach, incredibly supportive team-mates, a family that cheered me on throughout training and race day, and friends and fellow athletes who came to Whistler from as far away as Valemount, Kamloops, Montana, Kona, Victoria and Vancouver.  Last but certainly not least are the first-class volunteers who eagerly helped us athletes at every aid station, change tent, special needs stops, at every intersection, and of course at the glorious finish line.  Thank you everyone for helping me complete my Ironman Journey in such a positive and life-changing way!”


“While my first ironman didn’t go as planned, ending halfway with a DNF, I couldn’t ask for more from the journey of getting to that start line. Sharing the Ironman goal with a great coach and supportive teammates gave me an opportunity to push myself to my limits and not being able to finish the event has only made me want to push my limits further. Everything about the event itself was great to take part in, all the support from fellow racers, volunteers and staff made a disappointing finish a positive experience for me.”


I’ve been thinking about the epic experience that was Ironman and have been trying to narrow down the flurry of thoughts that occupied my mind that day.  

The first thing that really struck me was the beautiful scenery, from the steam rising off of Alta lake to the snow capped mountains to the Pemberton valley, it was all stunning.  And while the sun heightened this effect, it was also HOT! The heat presented the biggest challenge for me by far, and I came precariously close to jumping in lost lake on the run!  But somehow, having such amazing spectators, fellow athletes and volunteers kept me going- I’ve seriously never been so inspired by a crowd before and they managed to keep me smiling.  I have to say that crossing the finish line was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had-so many awesome people out cheering, and knowing that all of the many months of training had finally paid off big!