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Human Powered Challenges take a break

When Covid-19 hit back in the spring, racing as we knew it came to a grinding halt. Across the country events were cancelled. One of the main motivators to train was no longer there. As triathletes, training is a major part of our lives. It keeps us fit and sane.

To give people continued focus and motivation for their training without events we created a series of Challenges. Each Challenge is one month long and requires participants to go far or climb high. The Challenges can be completed while keeping participants safe and healthy. Each Challenge can be done alone or in your bubble, at home or in the great outdoors.

The Challenges took us, virtually, to some spectacular locations; many of which have special meaning to participants. We started off in April riding Vancouver Island, and had stops in Hawaii, France, and the Canadian Rockies to name a few.

The Challenge plaques

Some people took on one or two of the Challenges. Some took on many. Everyone who took on a Challenge received a custom plaque created specially for each Challenge. They make an impressive collection!

As in every triathlete’s training season, there needs to be a break. A time to step back and recharge. The same is true for the Human Powered Challenges. We are taking November off. We encourage our Challenge participants to stay active and add some variety to your routine for the month.

We will be back in December with a new Challenge. Watch our Challenge page for updates and more information. We hope to see you all back with a renewed energy and motivation for whatever Challenges await.